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1964 Cadillac deVille Sedan




1964 Cadillac Sedan Deville 62 Series 4 window. This Cadillac is a  one owner car, Absolutely gorgeous, extremely original and in Excellent  collectors condition. The 1964 Cadillac was one of the highest  specification cars of its era. 64 Model Cadillac was often compared and  considered more luxury than Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar and Mercedes of  its time. The 1964 Cadillac was the end of an era. Sure, there would be  great Cadillacs for years after, but 1964 was extra special. 1964 was  the last year of the true, unedited, unmitigated Cadillac shark fin. The  Loveliest thing about the 1964 Cadillac Sedan Deville is that with this  model you got the high-quality and technology that is still used on  luxury cars today.

As the literature for the 1964 Cadillac  stated “You’ll thrill to Cadillac’s new measure of performance!” And it  was true. This 64 Deville Cadillacs Has a 429 CID V8 with 340 hp at 4600  rpm. All breathed through a Carter AFB four-barrel carburetor, model  3655S. Other engine features included five main bearings and hydraulic  valve lifters. And you had the luxury of size, for even the Series 62  sported a 129.5 inch wheelbase and overall length of 223.5 inches.

As Meticulous as I am Engine has been pulled, overhauled with new pistons, cam shaft, valve train Etc……

Transmission has been fully Overhauled, Differentials, axels, have been pulled and serviced.

Brake system front and rear, pads disc, cylinders and hard ware all are completely new.

Suspension  complete, front, rear all tie rod ends, bushings, shocks every single  ball joint and rubber busing has been replaced. Chasee to frame bushing  and etc…..There is noting left on the suspension and brake system that  has not been renewed. New exhaust system.

All new rubber  weather seals, door seals, window seals, indoor seals, windshild front  and rear seals, every single rubber seal has been replaces.

All electrical has been servived and functional. (windows, antenna, sterio, Etc)

Vehicle has a very nice stereo system with bluetooth hidden under the factory panel.

New heater core and hosed, All new coolant hoses, vacuum hoses Etc...

Vehicle  comes with Grecian White exterior on cream saddle leather interior. The  interior is in pristine condition, carpet, dashboard are like new. this  64 Cadillac is an perfect example of an time capsule.

This  is a vehicle that does not need to be shipped, it is in such beautiful  condition that you can drive the car back home anywhere cross country  with 100% confidence.

Door handles are crisply contoured  formal design with a slim grip and rectangular push button. A new  headlight ensemble of polished chrome and crystal-like glass blends into  the horizontally divided grille for a bold broad-shouldered look. In  the rear, the tail stop directional and backup lamps are coordinated in  the sweeping rear styling motif that is so typically and dramatically  Cadillac. The wide curving windshield with its slim pillars provides  unobstructed vision and unusual ease of entry and exit. It bears the  unmistakable stamp of Cadillac in every line of its tasteful new  styling. However the 1964 car of cars introduced a brilliant new level  of performance that fully expressed itself only with you at the wheel.  In 1964 Cadillac got its new spirit from the most powerful engine in its  history. Without additional weight and without sacrificing economy the  new Cadillac engine has significantly increased in bore and stroke. With  a displacement of 429 cubic inches it was the lightest engine in its  class...yet it delivered even more smoothly and quietly than its famed  predecessor a record 340 horsepower and a stout 480 foot-pounds of  torque. These were and still are impressive figures even today. Further  enhancing its accent on performance the 1964 Cadillac made notable  improvements in its power transmission. To make the most efficient use  of the new engine the Hydra-Matic 30.

Please contact me for  more information, pictures or videos. If you would like to come see the  car in person, feel free to call me at 858-733-1030 David





De ville sedan






Project started: june 2021
Project finished: Dec 2023



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